Weekly Favorite Five

Sep 6, 2020

Turning my original “Friday Faves” into a weekly “Favorite Five” to showcase my five favorite things from each week! These are quick posts to share what I am currently loving and where to find them – a little slice of real life into what I am actually using and obsessing over. Hope you enjoy!

Favorite 1 | AZSKY wall ledges

These gorgeous and budget friendly shelves are PERFECT for a curated gallery wall or in an entry way for your tiny apartment when you can’t have an entry table (I am using these for both lol). Easy to install and even comes with cutest tiny level to make sure they are straight as arrows.

Favorite 2 | LED rechargeable closet lights

Another Amazon find! We have four closets in the new apartment – none of which had lights in or near them! I wanted something like a push light, but with the hope that it could be more eco-friendly (and budget friendly) than batteries. These are AMAZE!! They are motion sensor, USB rechargeable lights that stick on the walls with a 3m lined magnet. Pop them on the walls and when you need to charge, they easily come off the magnet. Brilliant idea and great lighting!

Favorite 3 | RIND snacks

I started getting Hungry Root and usually choose what I get each week. Last week I kind of forgot and they curated a box for me, which is how RIND snacks made it to my pantry. I was hesitant, because the idea of eating any fruits rind is well, just weird. But these are delicious and they have 5 different flavors! Turns out there are two reasons why they keep the rinds on 1) because there are so many nutrients in the skins and 2) RIND’s mission is to eliminate food scrap waste, where 20% of that is fruit and veggie peels. Do yourself a favor and get these for your tummy and the earth.

Favorite 4 | Michael’s Picture Frames

Another home good here….and one I have shared with anyone I can, but I think it deserves a call out again this week. The gallery wall would not be what it is without frames from Michaels. Its the only place I get frames from! They come in a variety of colors (I go for black always and forever) to fit a decor look and they almost always have sales for them such as buy one get one free or buy one get one 50% off etc. The best value for the high impact look it provides. and for Labor Day weekend its buy one get TWO free!! Run yourself to their website or nearest store now!

Favorite 5 | JCREW Zebra skirt

Can’t have a weekly fave list without a fashion item….and I am currently obsessed with and awaiting the arrival of this JCREW zebra skirt (and its matching tank). Cute with a white or black tee, sneakers and denim jacket for end of summer/fall and then will transition it with a black turtleneck sweater, boots and leather jacket when the weather gets colder. JCREW is having 40% ALL items and JCREW factory is 50-80% off for LDW. The best sale JCREW has!



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