The Perfect Gallery Wall for Your Space

Mar 2, 2019

The gallery wall. One of the easiest ways to bring personality to your space – and the easiest to over do in decor! But with the help of BCPstyle, you can create a one of a kind focal point for your space in just a few steps!

First, we need to get a sense of what you love. Your gallery wall should showcase what you love most. Is it travel? family? the beach? Pick something that you love – or that sparks joy Marie Kondo style – and use that as your theme. For me, I knew from the get go I wanted a “family” wall – photos of family and dear friends from over the years. I chose old family photos and mixed them in with new photos from the past few years. Also peruse Pinterest for some inspiration! Mine below :

Gallery Wall From Nicole Davis Interiors

Secondly, you should commit to a color scheme. This should really stem from your furniture and decor you currently have. Is your space modern or industrial? Do you have white accents or gold? Does your rug have blue or orange tones? My decor is a mix of mid century modern and scandinavian with the colors being restricted to white, grey, black, and brown for my furniture with pops of green from plants and orange from Hermes. As I really wanted a modern sleek look, I chose to make all my photos black white which I simply did by downloading them all to my phone and editing them in the photo app (though you could use Snapseed, VSCO, Photoshop etc.)

A photo I edited but didn’t make the wall

Third step is choosing your photo or image sizes. This is where you can play around with the design – you can make all the prints the same size for a chic symmetrical look or frame prints of various sizes if you are using old documents or items that can’t be manipulated. You also can play with frame shape – you can frames be all the same size or mix small, medium, large within the gallery. I always suggest framing everything in the same color of frame for consistency and it looks perfectly put together – but you still can be creative using a variety of different bevels or mats.

Once you have made all the tough decisions, here comes the easy part – printing. As anyone who is going to invest the time in creating a gallery wall should, you always want to print quality images! For my gallery wall, I used both Mpix and Shutterfly for printing my images. Both sites usually have coupons or sales that make it really affordable and so effortless to do! Do keep in mind that when printing for quality, it can take time but its well worth that investment! Mine usually came within two weeks of ordering.

Now its time to hang your gorgeous framed art and images! You want to really focus on spacing – this is crucial! There are plenty of DIY tutorials online (this is one I love) or invest a little more in a Task Rabbit or Handy person. The rule of thumb I almost always use is that the photos should be spaced an inch apart all around.

When done, you’ll have a wall you love that perfectly exemplifies your personality and passion that also fits perfectly into the rest of your decor! I simply love my wall, especially as it creates a sweet little dining nook that feels like its own space despite being in my living room!

The end result! A little dining nook heaven

Don’t know where to begin? Email me or comment below to discuss how BCPstyle can help you create a one of a kind wall at any budget!



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