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Feb 24, 2019

Hi, I am BCPstyle! How did you land on this page? Maybe you are a friend? Maybe a friend shared my site with you? Perhaps you are looking for calligraphy for your next event? Or in desperate need of a home decor refresh? Whatever the reason, welcome, I am so excited you are here! I thought my first blog post should just be an introduction into who I am and how BCPstyle came to be.

I have been a relatively creative person as far back as I can remember – I was determined to learn how to write my name in cursive at the age of 5 and never looked back! I sang in choir, danced on a competitive dance team, and always created art in some form. During middle and high school, it was art for notes to friends. During college it was my wardrobe and my dorm room decor. In my 20’s I found myself in the corporate world as an office manager where I had the opportunity to plan events from a 20’s themed holiday party at the San Francisco Ferry Building to a masquerade ball at the Legion of Honor. I also started traveling all over the world planning epic events and designing multiple office spaces. I also happened to get my certification for wedding planning in tandem.

I have been living in New York City since 2016 – living that SATC life I always dreamed of! I just moved to a rather lovely one bedroom apartment near Central Park and host parties year round for all my friends. When I first moved to NYC, I was living on the Upper West Side and transformed an old brownstone into a charming english-esque flat. My friends took notice of how I managed to find the look I wanted while staying within my budget and soon asked me to help them!

Where does the art part of BCPstyle come in? I always loved to host parties and couldn’t find things that fit the theme (or I did and they were extremely expensive decor items) so I just started making my own. I had always wanted to learn calligraphy and just took it up, watching online tutorials and taking the Brit + Co online course (highly recommended by the way!). As I have been doodling my name since I was 5, it came extremely naturally and I started to do it for office events, until one friend asked me to create the calligraphy for her wedding! I was honored and thrilled at the opportunity. She also asked me to be her day of coordinator, with my wedding planning experience. I am indebted to her as it gave me the idea for really starting BCPstyle and creating a brand with which to use my skills.

I balance work with lots of puppy cuddles with my 6 year old frenchie/yorkie mix Pierre and my boyfriend. We are often trying new recipes or restaurants in the city as well as taking weekend trips to explore new places.

I am so excited to start this blog and this site; where you can find my Etsy page to shop from, see past projects across calligraphy, events and home decor, and find more information about my services! If you are interested in learning more, contact me directly or comment below! I really look forward to creating wonderful events and spaces that reflect your personality and style!

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